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"Letters" - A Piece About Pain & Purpose

"Letters" - A Piece About Pain & Purpose

Jun 03, 2024


Kelijah Dunton

Love is painful.. that is all.


Ok.. wait.. there’s more to it.


In a weird way, it gives us purpose. It’s an undying desire ,.. to love and to be loved. It can grip us in ways that makes even the most rational/logical person, unable to reason. It’s a dizzying blaze that consumes everything it touches, and everyone who gazes upon it. By far, the strongest human emotion, even surpassing that of anger. So much so, that love is seen as an action. A willful and passionate show of affection for another. It’s something that’s left me full of life, and yet full of regret and anguish. I wish I could shut it off.. sometimes. It’s in those moments when love becomes unbelievably painful, that you start to question,.. is this even love at all? Love is a cage. It is a prison of a dreamer. This is what I thought in my worst of times .. because of you . (love).

“Letters” tells a tale of a romantic betrayal told from the perspective of the scorned. They send letters back and forth, detailing different periods of time in the relationship. The ups, the downs, the pretty, and the ugly. Each tone shift in “Letters” gives the listener a glimpse into which part of the letter the character is reading. Is it the nostalgic part where they recall the fondest of memories? The fun dates, the connection, the shared visions, the special experiences. Or are they reading the part that makes the character angry, bitter, & resentful. Full of malice and blistering with rage. This piece takes you through a whirlwind of “touchy” emotions and concepts. It challenges the musician to play with the utmost musicianship and care to the musical phrases. “Letters” is a piece that breaks open and unravels our human nature for the world to see. A TRUE nature ; one that is ugly as it is real. Love isn’t always beautiful. Love is painful... too. Now.. that is all .


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