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The Sight That Awaits Us

The Sight That Awaits Us

May 09, 2023

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Kelijah Dunton

The Sight That Awaits was Commissioned by Susan E. Wagner HS Ensemble ; Paul Corn, Conductor

Even though I'm just starting to develop as a composer and as a adult, I weirdly feel like I've lived 3 lifetimes. When I write music, I tend to draw inspiration from my experiences. Some memories are light and easy to look back on, and others are so bad , it becomes too much to bear. Well, .. I never like to be too negative but it seems my music speaks words that I cannot. 

"The Sight That Awaits Us" is a Grade 4 piece based on a little poem that I wrote. It reads:

"The sight that awaits us is one of beauty and love

We'll see the world through new eyes

And our hearts will be filled with memories

We'll be excited for what lies ahead

And we'll cherish every moment

We'll look back on this time and we'll smile

Because we'll know that it was worth it

Every step of the way."

I won't reveal what the true meaning of the piece is but I'm sure you all can infer based on what I've told you lol. Of course, all forms of art is subjective so I am curious to know what we all feel when we read this poem and hear this piece.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.. Have a blessed day..

1 comment
  • Kimm friedemann

    I loved this piece! I cried and I didn’t fully understand why. But thank you. It was brilliant . Saw it performed at Carnegie with OYO .

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